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DAM develops state-of-the-art, secure, scalable, blockchain-based issuance, management, and trading infrastructure of tokenized assets and crypto.

Tokenization simplifies the traditionally intricate process of securities issuance, offering a more efficient and modern approach to the entire process.

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9 Tokenized offerings under development from various industries, including space (rocket & satelite data), insurance, intellectual property, private equity, real-estate, and music royalties.
23 Tokenized offerings under review (includes early-state consulting on new alternative digital asset) with values which represent a possible $700 million in net new assets for 2024.
4 Digital assets which are tradable crypto coins and include Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), and Ethereum (ETH) with more to come in the future.
6 Crypto-based security baskets which combine the power of diversification with a balanced risk/reward methodology similar to that of mutual funds..

Who it's Built For

Private businesses and startups

Unlock new funding avenues and enhance liquidity by tokenizing assets. Ideal for businesses seeking innovate financing solutions.

Web3 Innovators

Web3 entreprenuers looking to create new online services, new classes of products, and new economies with access to capital markets for greater liquidity.

AI Enterprises

Businesses looking to enhance liquidity, increase accessiblity, and unlock new investment opportunites for the AI based projects.

Investment funds and financial entities

Institutional investors lookking for a regulated hub to trade security tokens, security baskets, and cryptocurrencies.

Businesses with substantial community engagement

I am alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine.

Retail Investors

Retail investors looking to gain access to and trade in crypto and security token offerings (alternative assets) typically not available on any other platform.


Steps to Tokenization

Unlocking Real World Assets (RWA) through Security Token Offerings (STOs) for your business.



Tokenization starts with asset transfer to an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle), be it a valuable resource, tangible asset, equity/debt, or other valuable product and/or service.


In tokenization, corporate securities shift to blockchain-powered tokens.


Security Token Offerings (STOs) are where securities become digital tokens for investor sale.

Primary Issuance

In this final phase, your tokens get published to the wider world. Community and neworks hold immense power in this phase.

Secondary Markets

As part of the tokenization process, the fractionalized shares of your asset is available for trade on secondary markets.
Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management offers a world-class tokenization listing platform specifically designed to meet the needs of institutional clients.

Our safe and cost-effective offering is focused on the highest standards for compliance, reporting, monitoring and blockchain management..

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